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September 3rd, 2015


I don’t normally post anything to do with news, but having children of my own this news from a Turkish beach about the Syrian 3 year old boy is heartbreaking.  Children should never be a causality of adult or government ineptitude.  Though, sadly so often this is the case.  Since the story made it to NPR, I’m only sharing the embedded sound track above.


NPR Story maybe be difficult to see the images if you have not already.


Enjoy every moment with your loved ones!



Whoa, 4 months without a post.

September 1st, 2015

That time flew by for sure, from the new house and family fun.  The new house has certainly taken most of my time away for the last few months.


I’ve been busy with the Reach and Treat training as well.  Here’s a look at the most recent one, I was part of the training on the first day and the second day I went back out to get some video clips:




I’ve also added an new gallery for the images I get while on Reach and Treat training days around Mount Hood and it’s rivers.  You can find the new gallery on the sidebar under sports and also click here .  Some of the photos in the new Rescue gallery are from the start of my Reach and Treat training nearly 2 years ago and some are as recent as last week’s Swift water training near the Carter Bridge on the Clackamas River.




Oregon Trail Rally 2015 Day 2

April 29th, 2015


The other day I was lucky enough to get a Reach and Treat (RAT) Standby for the second day of the Oregon Trail Rally near Hood River, Oregon within the foothills of the northern slope of Mount Hood.  We did 209 miles of driving in the RAT rig as a medical chase vehicle behind the Sweep and other safety crews.  It was fun getting to really know how well the RAT rig handles on gravel roads with the knowledge that no one would be coming the other way.  On the medical front,  super glad everyone completed the day with no major injuries.

The only moments I had for photos was the start of the first stage and the start of the fourth stage, I got some video and photos in those area.  Ran around through the forest to get different angles of the course, since naturally once the stage starts you can’t be on the road.


You can see more images in the Gallery.


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A Nighttime Stroll

April 19th, 2015

Sometimes you get it right, sometimes it’s just a bit short of the goal and sometimes it’s all just unexpected.

The Sulfuric Pano

The Sulfuric Pano

On the night of April 17, 2015 decided to walk up Mount Hood with Tim Heine and my Intuition Liners for this one, leaving my skis at home.

First quarter of the Mile I was preoccupied with the dreaded walk back from where ever our night’s walk would take us. But then conversation and time found a groove and we kept on…the pace slowed on the Palmer, with a slight increase as we walked through a foreign landscape. Strange ridges in the snow began to develop into giant spines and walls created by strange beasts shaping the land into quarter pipes and half pipes for the summer season of ski camps on the hill.

The pace remained casual, donned the crampons at the Palmer and continued up the hill….topped the Triangle Moraine, started to get the strong impact of the Sulfur Dioxide and my motivation got zapped as I recalled my 2010 Cooper Spur climb with Tom Hanlon and the post climb impact of that wonderful volcanic gas.

That nice friendly gas that combats global warming by reflecting the sun rays back to space, lined my parched throat in 2010. When I drank a glass of water at home, my first rehydration after climbing the Spur. It reformed the dry residue of sulfur dioxide into sulfuric acid and my throat shutdown. Started to have breathing problems, and I ran to the shower to attempt an idea…breathing steam. It worked, and my throat opened up again as the steam washed the sulfur away.

There I was the other night with Tim, attempting to shoot a panoramic while inhaling this gas as we were right smack downwind and getting the full effect of the sulfur dioxide. I remember saying aloud, I need to drink water. Thinking, if my throat doesn’t get parched I should avoid the buildup of the sulfur like in 2010.

Asit Rathod, through reading your stories you got me interested in writing more again….it’s not just about the photograph, but the entire experience and sharing it. The written word and the photograph combine to make that happen.

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The Overwhelming glow of Mordor...oh wait, it's just Portland.  This is the last shot I captured on my tripod during our descent. I saw the shot, but we were on a super steep icy slope.  I looked uphill and about 20 feet in front of me there was a perfect icy bulge that would be just right for the I walked back uphill to get the shot.

The Overwhelming glow of Mordor…oh wait, it’s just Portland. This is the last shot I captured on my tripod during our descent. I saw the shot, but we were on a super steep icy slope. I looked uphill and about 20 feet in front of me there was a perfect icy bulge that would be just right for the tripod….so I walked back uphill to get the shot.                                                                                       Capture: April 18, 2015 0540 hrs 30sec f/3.5 ISO 2500 28mm

Mount Hood Meadows

March 25th, 2015

Here’s a cut of clips from a recent shoot at Meadows:

I started off attempting to ski with my snoblades, but I realized shortly into the first run that, although valiant it was a successful failure.  But before that first run was over, we went for the Rock Garden on Shooting Star at Meadows.  On that run I managed to get a shot while standing on my snoblades in deep snow, this shot ended up being used for a few needs on social media along with a press release:


Couldn’t have had better people to ride and hike with to get some good stashes!



Update 03/27/2015:

Oregon Live