A Windy Tour to End 2014

January 1st, 2015
Mount Hood from White River Canyon

Mount Hood from White River Canyon



Enjoyed a windy cool day in White River Canyon the other day with a couple buddies.

Despite the cold active wind loading we managed to snake our way along the southwest edge and crossed one covered drainage to a minor moraine  that consisted of a healthy mix of wind-loaded drops, icy wind battered crests with pockets of wind sculpted powder.

I attempted to get one small wind-loaded SW aspect test slope to slide, but it presented with stability for my weight.  The angle was about 34 degrees and above tree line.  Lower down in the trees on a SSW 35 degree slope  I walked or wallowed through the crest of a waist deep sheltered powder slope, the slope had sparse anchors and I could not feel any inconsistencies.

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Mount Hood

December 8th, 2014

A few days ago after I finished working a shift, I jumped over to Jonsrud Point in Sandy, Oregon for a sunrise that didn’t disappoint.  I finally realized after about a month working out of  the Sandy station that this spot was so close.  When I drove passed it a few weeks ago, I realized this was a go to spot for many local photographers.






Sadly the snow pack this season is still thin and we are all waiting for the snow to really start building up.  Right now, Timberline  only has a 13″ base.   It seems to be the way things are going in recent decades, a trend towards dryness.  But we still do get a good few weather events each season for some quality riding.  That’s one thing I like about capturing a dynamic sunrise such as the one shown here.   It adds a bit of hope as spice to hit the day or season running.  Each day you wake up, you never truly know what’s heading your way.  After a failed attempt to capture the sunset the night before my shift started…the morning my shift ended, we ran a late call which enabled me to leave the station moments before the sky lit up with these amazing colors, vibrant and dynamic….

Portland Ice Comp 2014

November 8th, 2014


The Portland Ice Comp of 2014 was well organized and the competition event started rather quick.  I believe the event is coming of age as this year it was combined with the Portland Alpine Festival put on by the local legendary group known as the Mazamas.  The Mazamas have over a hundred years of history in the area’s climbing Community.

This year, yours truly fell off the 5th hold of the Prelim route.  The hold gave me a bit of a unique twist, I almost recovered by hooking one tool onto the other.  But, I peeled off.  Last year I had a much better performance on the prelim route.  The year before that, well I fell flat on my back from the third hold…with none other than John Frieh holding the belay….still a bit embarrassed about that one.

Huge thanks to the Portland Rock Gym monkeys, mainly Sean, for setting the routes and for the gym itself hosting the unique event.



Sony A7 and Black Diamond

November 4th, 2014

Perhaps you are asking what the Sony A7 has to do with Black Diamond?

Not too much directly, but through the viewfinder of my new camera…

The two melded recently.

If you don’t know what Black Diamond is, well I’ll tell you a little bit.

They are first a climbing gear company that has been a piece of the climbing fabric as long as I can remember.

Secondly, they’ve been utilizing media in a profound and immersive way through their digital catalogs they’ve released in recent years.

You can check out their sweet spot here: Black Diamond Catalogs

In my climbing, I’ve certainly used my fare share of Black Diamond gear and have looked up to their Ambassadors for the sport of climbing.

Perhaps now you’re ready to see how these two drastically different companies came together in my vision.

It was this last month, during my AMR Reach and Treat Academy Finals Exam process. Specifically, during the Navigation segment.

The light was greatly diffused through a dense cloud cover and then through the tree canopy and finally around the outer edges of our covered working area. It actually felt a bit like evening, though it was midday.

My buddy Erik was pulling through some calculations, I decided to take advantage of the moment. The following image pulled through my lens and onto my new Sony A7’s sensor. This ended up being my first image I edited in my newly updated Lightroom processing software.

It has become a current favorite of mine. So without anymore delay, here is where and how the Sony A7 and Black Diamond came together:



November 4th, 2014


A few days ago on my way home from a night shift I stopped by the Burnside Skatepark.

I was a bit excited to see the photo op that just fell in my lap, a whole crew was at the park with supper bright lights. An artist was at work creating a HeMan themed make over to the parks features.

To top it off, I had my new Sony A7 to shoot the images!

I have to say, I have renewed my interest in promoting my photography. Since the I acquired the A7…huge upgrade from my Canon 40D.

I have officially switched from Canon to Sony.

Thank Sony from being ahead of the game!

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