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Project Pressure

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

Project Pressure ran a Q & A awhile ago on the CIGP efforts.

2008 Athabasca Glacier

2013 Athabasca Glacier

Note that the two images were taken with completely different cameras and lens combinations. Slightly different position most likely. But in 2008, there certainly was not a glacier stream exiting the glacial terminus.

Site Maintainence

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Site will most likely be down for a few days first week of October. Doing some upgrades… Possibility for additional days exist. Update when possible.



Sunday, September 22nd, 2013


Just read an article about the Alpine of the Americas Project briefly touches on the state of glaciology and the need for more people to get involved in order to progress in the overall understanding for a complete a true outlook on the future of our glacial reservoirs of fresh water.

It also mentions a project a bit more local to my hometown. Straight out of PSU in downtown Portland. Glaciers of the American West


Wedding Photography

Friday, September 13th, 2013

A story style wedding shot from the 7th of this month.


Here’s another shot from the wedding of Dan and Christina.   I think I like this one the best out of the series with this Model A.   The actions and expressions of the Groom and Groomsmen are fantastic!   I had scouted the property of Three Creeks Farm with Dan the day before and instantly knew I’d be shooting at this little groove hidden back along slightly muddy trails on this expansive property.  This place has so much potential for an extensive shoot with a carlike the Model A  and cast such as these men.


Once I set up the lighting and suggested a few poses the guys ran with it and gave me this ultimate series with the Model A.


For more photography from this and other weddings along with portraits click here.



Friday, September 13th, 2013

Never Summer Range: Static Peak just outside RMNP taken 07/19/2012


Thinking of all my Boulder and Denver Colorado friends as they experience widespread flooding with the most recent total being 13.55 inches.  The normal annual precipitation for the area is about 14 inches.  They got that all in a couple days.  Many roads are still closed while many of my former coworkers at American Medical Response in Boulder and Denver Colorado are working hard  to cover the region.


Longs Peak approach with a winter breeze. 05/21/2011


Tenmile Range: Quandary Peak Colorado just South of Breckenridge.


Thinking of clearing skies for all those in the new floodplain.