Columbia Gorge Ice Climber’s Resource


[Just getting this idea underway.]

This is the closest weather model for Gorge Ice. If you have yet to use Mountain-Forecast, I have found it to be highly accurate. With multiple trips on Hood and the trips in 2013 for the Columbia Icefield Gigapixel Project (CIGP). Oh and if Mountain-Forecast doesn’t have a region or peak they will add it. They added peaks such as Bryce for the CIGP. They just need the Lat/Long and a few other details.

The mountain forecast model showed itself highly valuable in predicting this last gorge freeze as well. This is what I will be monitoring as our fickle season continues.

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Black Dagger 5+ M5 160m unrepeated, per local legend Wayne Wallace.

If you do decide to get after one of the unique unrepeated routes in the Gorge, let me know…so I can join and get a few photos.

If you need gear: Mountain Shop is the best local resource.

You can also check Cascade Climbers gorge ice thread as well.

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