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Oregon Trail Rally 2015 Day 2

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015


The other day I was lucky enough to get a Reach and Treat (RAT) Standby for the second day of the Oregon Trail Rally near Hood River, Oregon within the foothills of the northern slope of Mount Hood.  We did 209 miles of driving in the RAT rig as a medical chase vehicle behind the Sweep and other safety crews.  It was fun getting to really know how well the RAT rig handles on gravel roads with the knowledge that no one would be coming the other way.  On the medical front,  super glad everyone completed the day with no major injuries.

The only moments I had for photos was the start of the first stage and the start of the fourth stage, I got some video and photos in those area.  Ran around through the forest to get different angles of the course, since naturally once the stage starts you can’t be on the road.


You can see more images in the Gallery.


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Mount Hood Meadows

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Here’s a cut of clips from a recent shoot at Meadows:

I started off attempting to ski with my snoblades, but I realized shortly into the first run that, although valiant it was a successful failure.  But before that first run was over, we went for the Rock Garden on Shooting Star at Meadows.  On that run I managed to get a shot while standing on my snoblades in deep snow, this shot ended up being used for a few needs on social media along with a press release:


Couldn’t have had better people to ride and hike with to get some good stashes!



Update 03/27/2015:

Oregon Live

Fun Day

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Two days ago marks my first time filming any skiing.   That day on Hood in the bright sun made it challenging to near impossible to even see what I was framing half the time…since I couldn’t see my LCD screen with my goggles on and I could barely see the shot through the electronic viewfinder of A7 without my goggles on.  It made for a situation where I wasn’t entirely sure about the shots I scored until I got back home.  The video clips ended up being better than I thought they would as well, above is my debut Alpine Ski film edit.  No tripod was used , so it has that home video natural effect lol.



The interesting thing about it was that I was skiing with Asit Rathod again, the last time I got out to ski with him marked my first day photographing skiing which resulted in another cool set of images which included this shot. It’s always good getting out with good people on great days, but if your feet are cold or hurt…you won’t get far.   I certainly have been enjoying my Intuition Liners inside my Black Diamond Slant ski boots….