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My Bass and light play

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016


Now that I have a light stands that I got before that marathon photo session with over 200 LuLaRoe garments, I tend to find myself playing with light more and more after the kids are asleep.  This shot I got with a 45w shoot through umbrella (constant light) lighting the face of the Dean Guitar body and the floor.  Then to the camera right I had a second 45w shoot through umbrella (constant light) lighting the front of amp and stool.  Then behind the amp I put my grandfather’s old Sunpak flash set to a 1/16 power.  But the exact placement of that light took a while to get.  Started with that light facing the wall, but then I settled on placing the flash on the far right edge and nearing touching the back of the amp and having the light bounce of the amp to the wall behind.  The Sunpak was triggered by an optical slave, I don’t have pocket wizards so my Canon 580EX II was on the Sony’s hotshoe and set at 1/128 power then bounced directly off the ceiling above to trigger the Sunpak behind the amp. It was a fun hour combining constant light sources with the 2 flashes.


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My Fender amp and Dean Bass

My Fender amp and Dean Bass


Tuesday, November 4th, 2014


A few days ago on my way home from a night shift I stopped by the Burnside Skatepark.

I was a bit excited to see the photo op that just fell in my lap, a whole crew was at the park with supper bright lights. An artist was at work creating a HeMan themed make over to the parks features.

To top it off, I had my new Sony A7 to shoot the images!

I have to say, I have renewed my interest in promoting my photography. Since the I acquired the A7…huge upgrade from my Canon 40D.

I have officially switched from Canon to Sony.

Thank Sony from being ahead of the game!

If you need board supplies don’t forget to check the company my friends created years ago from a small shop on Sandy Blvd in Portland, OR

Daddies Boardshop


A Hidden Gem

Saturday, November 30th, 2013
Shot with 400mm on Canon 40D during the Gigapixel capture from Parker Ridge of Saskatchewan Glacier: Session two of the CIGP

Shot with 400mm on Canon 40D during the Gigapixel capture from Parker Ridge of Saskatchewan Glacier: Session two of the CIGP


The joy of shooting Gigapixel Imagery is going back through the files and finding little landscape images that perform well outside the much larger pano.  

Here’s a  link to the GigaPan version.  It still has stitching errors where the mountain’s meet the sky.  Due to the lack of motivation to make this one exact.  The main glacier below is stitched well, but from an artistic perspective this pano won’t do well as a print.   Next year I’ll get a wider field of view.  The inconsistent sun and rain cut this pano short.  So I focused purely on a scientific capture.

I’ve also added videos to my two accounts below, the vimeo has more content than the youtube.  Down the road I plan to feed both simultaneously.




Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

I got a 400mm in the mail from xRez studios to use for the the CIGP. I ended up setting up a little indoor HDR shot with it.


Just for fun I used the Eddie Bauer LED work lights for highlights.


We’ll see how the images turned out later.

My prayers go out to any who were impacted by the bombs in Boston. It’s sad to think an event that represents human endurance could become a target for this kind of human failure.

Salmon Creek Greenway

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012


The sunlight was hitting this little spot of moss just perfectly on our walk yesterday, had to snap a shot of it.



Well, I also had to snap a shot of these berries too, being the Holidays and all.   I certainly enjoy shooting with my Canon 50mm II f/1.8.  The little egg performs super well.



We approached this scene after fording one flooded area of the Salmon Creek Greenway Trail .  The water was a bit cold and ankle deep with the first segment.  So we opted out of crossing this section.  But I do think I was was one of very few people that went this spot yesterday.  So, this may be the only photo in this light of this scene, interesting to think about.

Happy Holidays!