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American Alpine Club

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

The new American Alpine Club

The American Alpine Club (AAC) has some sweet new ideas sprouting into a gold mine of new support for it’s members and non-members.  This new gauntlet runs from the “Choss Boss” photo contests  for every photographer out there to great rescue insurance.

The new member benefits for May 2011

(Note at time of publish: Some of the above links from AAC may not work)

Another cool thing the AAC is doing to connect with the climbing public.  They are showing up to  climbing events like the Zanskar Odyessy film premier that took place at the Eldorado Springs Art Center.

The AAC at the Zanskar Odyssey Premier

One the other new things the AAC is doing.  They are cutting down on surplus by only printing the American Alpine Journal (AAJ) for it’s members in the future.  This is a good thing since most the books they print end up sitting on a shelf not purchased, therefore not helping the club funding and also wasting product and time that could have been spent in a more useful manner.  Besides, the AAJ is available online after the print issue has been out.

James Peak, Colorado

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

A frozen Saint Mary's lake and the beginning of the SE slopes route to James Peak

Two unknown climbers heading up Saint Mary's Glacier enroute to James Peak

Looking South along the Continental Divide halfway to James Peak

Self Portrait on top of James Peak

James Peak Panoramic

Harmon Cave, Flatirons

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Bear Peak and the area of the Harmon Cave

The Harmon cave is located about mid-height in the foreground near the base of the two major rock buttress on the left skyline.

Bear Peak

Did a little post holing uphill to get to the cave entrance

The wind picking up near the cave

The Harmon Cave

The Harmon and Mallory caves are closed atleast until Oct 1, 2011 due to the spread of the White nose Syndrome

Quandary Peak Ski

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Jason breaking treeline

Ascending the first incline

Entering the cloud bank

Ascending the second incline....

Jason emerging from the whiteout

Breaking through the clouds

The clouds below

The summit headwall

I turned around at the location of the last image, since I didn’t feel like skiing more rocks. I already crossed four sections along the ridge. Despite this I got two core shots in my skis on the descent. However, there were three amazing minor headwalls and a great ridge run going down!