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A Hidden Gem

Saturday, November 30th, 2013
Shot with 400mm on Canon 40D during the Gigapixel capture from Parker Ridge of Saskatchewan Glacier: Session two of the CIGP

Shot with 400mm on Canon 40D during the Gigapixel capture from Parker Ridge of Saskatchewan Glacier: Session two of the CIGP


The joy of shooting Gigapixel Imagery is going back through the files and finding little landscape images that perform well outside the much larger pano.  

Here’s a  link to the GigaPan version.  It still has stitching errors where the mountain’s meet the sky.  Due to the lack of motivation to make this one exact.  The main glacier below is stitched well, but from an artistic perspective this pano won’t do well as a print.   Next year I’ll get a wider field of view.  The inconsistent sun and rain cut this pano short.  So I focused purely on a scientific capture.

I’ve also added videos to my two accounts below, the vimeo has more content than the youtube.  Down the road I plan to feed both simultaneously.




Thursday, April 11th, 2013

The most current CIGP poster.


Wind Mountain

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Epic Pro in action on Wind Mountain. Cell Phone photo.


Ran up Wind Mountain yesterday with my 10 month old in front and camera gear trailing behind.  It’s a great quick hike with fantastic views from a Native American Spiritual site during the last century and earlier.  You can still visit the intact rock stacks for multi-day spiritual journeys.


The Epic Pro halfway done with the panoramic. Cell phone photo.


The current result of the rendered panoramic from Wind Mountain.


To see the high resolution version visit my GigaPan page.

For insight into the geology visit the Cascadia Blog.


Columbia Icefield Gigapixel Project

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

“Infrastructure, environmental and natural resource services benefitting from such information – a key component of climate change adaptation – include hydro-power and irrigation schemes (present and planned), cold river ecosystem functioning, river, Arctic and alpine tourism, and mining. On a broader scale, the fluctuation in the mass of several regions of Canada’ glacier cover contributes significantly to the magnitude and pattern of local and global sea-level change – the subject of another key initiative in the NRCan/ESS Climate Change Geoscience Programme.”

The images from the Columbia Icefield Gigapixel Project would benefit this scientific research.

13 days left for my current Kickstarter page, and it’s nowhere near the goal. The snow has already started to fall up north. Really cool photographs will be provided to backers of the project.

Columbia Icefield

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

The Columbia Icefield is a valuable resource that we are in great risk of losing.  Help me get my project under way so we can raise the much needing awareness with the communities that rely on the still great Columbia River before it fades.  It’s not just a far away land at the South or North poles.  The risk affects our backyard and our children’s lives.

Kickstarter Page

If this page doesn’t get the required funding it will be too late for this season and another Kickstarter page will go live early Spring 2013.

Athabasca Glacier one of the main Columbia Icefield exit glaciers