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Well, I finally have an Instagram

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

LuLaBroJoe, yep that’s it.  Right there, I’m officially a LuLaBro!  My Instagram account will be for the new found fashion photography I’m shooting for Ariel’s new LuLaRoe Consultant business.   After experiencing a few Pop up parties and seeing first hand how the fabric of these clothes makes the women feel good while wearing the dresses, skirts and shirts.  I have personally dubbed it Fabric Crack, because once a lady wear one the garments…

It’s impressive what LuLaRoe has accomplished as a brand and family run company.

It’s been a wild month learning how to photograph fabric and outfits.  It all drastically varies from mountain sports, especially since the line of clothes only runs 2500 of each print pattern in any one style.  So, yeah it’s definitely time to get a grey card.  Oh, and a light meter.  You can’t exactly meter the light on a hard charging skier or climber for that matter.  The great thing is, the learning never stops.


My Instagram account will also be used for my mountain adventures.

You can find Ariel’s Online shop here

Hero pose in LuLaRoe.  Abbey

Hero pose in LuLaRoe.  Abbey sporting the Julia Dress.  Playing with back light.


LuLARoe 2016

Monday, April 4th, 2016
A total of 217 separate garments photographed!

A total of 217 separate garments photographed!

Well, I never thought I’d be able to say that I photographed 217 different garments.  My wife is launching her LuLaRoe Online Shop today at 5pm PST.  Over the last 3 days, typically during the night I knocked out these photos in crunch mode.  The mannequin, however, did not survive the shoot and we’ve learned the difference between a commercial quality mannequin and a low quality mannequin.   The box of leggings just showed up at the door!  Ok, so I have to get back to the photography to get these photos wrapped up for the 5 pm PST launch!


Ariel in a LuLaRoe Julia Dress

Ariel in a LuLaRoe Julia Dress