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Castle Crags Mount Hood

Monday, November 16th, 2015
On the Zigzag Glacier looking towards the Castle Crags and Crater Rock on Mount Hood.

On the Zigzag Glacier looking towards the Castle Crags and Crater Rock on Mount Hood.


Here is an epic photo I managed to snap after the events described in this recent Shred Hood write up click here.   I’m amazed by how peacefully deceptive this landscape can be in the ebb and flow of the mountain’s seasonal cycles.  I’ll always go back, the mountain is in my blood.


Here is an excellent write up The Ascending Spiral by the late Ed LaChapelle in which he throws in a quote from Whymper from 1871:  “Climb if you will but remember that courage and strength are naught without prudence, and that a momentary negligence may destroy the happiness of a lifetime. Do nothing in haste, look well to each step; and from the beginning think what might be the end.”

If you’re finding yourself needing to get a bit more knowledge on how to avoid human factor pitfalls of this ascending spiral get to Seattle’s REI on the 19th, click here to get your ticket through REI to benefit NWAC (Northwest Avalanche Center).

Here’s a short timelapse of the slide below the West Chamber of Illumination Rock.

A Windy Tour to End 2014

Thursday, January 1st, 2015
Mount Hood from White River Canyon

Mount Hood from White River Canyon



Enjoyed a windy cool day in White River Canyon the other day with a couple buddies.

Despite the cold active wind loading we managed to snake our way along the southwest edge and crossed one covered drainage to a minor moraine  that consisted of a healthy mix of wind-loaded drops, icy wind battered crests with pockets of wind sculpted powder.

I attempted to get one small wind-loaded SW aspect test slope to slide, but it presented with stability for my weight.  The angle was about 34 degrees and above tree line.  Lower down in the trees on a SSW 35 degree slope  I walked or wallowed through the crest of a waist deep sheltered powder slope, the slope had sparse anchors and I could not feel any inconsistencies.

If you venture into the backcountry, you need to learn about the avalanche dragons and how to avoid the Human Factors that put you in danger.

To set you down the right path to a long enjoyable backcountry life, get the knowledge of the dragons and human factors here:

Avalanche Center, also provides sales of required gear such as Beacons at the Avalanche Center Store.

For an intro into the condition we call the Human Factor, take a look at what Powder Online produced with the help of Black Diamond and those souls that were willing to share there full story so that we can all learn and improve our backcountry safety..  It is the Human Factor.

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