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Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Mount Audubon: Indian Peaks Wilderness

Shall Old Growth disappear?

Shall the honeybee disappear?

Where shall we be?

Will we keep the Old Growth.

Will we keep the Colony.

Old Growth is key,

If we cut

a swath, then


with new space.

Only to cut

new growth

every decade.

The equation,

doesn’t function.

If the bees,


Shall our lives

be vanquished?

A migratory bee keeper

might be a downfall.

When a scientific intrusion

of reproduction utilized


monoculture farming continues

with deathly results.

We need our local

Old growth.

We need our local


We might keep

our local diverse farms.

We might decrease

our water vapor.

– Joe Poulton 2011