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Columbia Icefield Gigapixel Project Annual 2013

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

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I just created a permanent Page on my site for the CIGP 2013 Annual Newsletter.   However, it’s slightly different than the one that I sent in emails and posted JPGs of the PDF files earlier.  This one will gradually grow with media content as it is developed during the Winter.  Also, the image quality is better than the JPG post earlier.   Please check back for continued enhancements of the Newsletter page.  I will also do my best to make a blog post whenever I update that page.

For those of you who caught the Panographers episode, I apologize for the technical difficulties that chopped up my presentation.

Please remember you can custom order prints by contacting me directly.  The base price for panoramic prints is $45.  The base price for metal and Plywerk prints is $100.   Shipping is determined on a case by case basis.

I was recently and pleasantly surprised by a  customer’s comment after a holiday print purchase:

It came with a white boarder.  It was just perfect!  I sent it in for a custom frame already and it’s scheduled to be done a couple days before Christmas and I even made room for a name plate listing you as the photographer and name of the print :)  I’m super excited to get it back!  I’ll send you a copy of the completed project in a couple weeks :)
Thanks again for all your help in making this gift possible.


However, if you want to directly support the CIGP you can also send funds directly to be used specifically for image acquisition this next year.


Vertical Pano clip

Sunday, December 1st, 2013
14 image two column vertical slice

14 image two column vertical slice


Here’s a vertical slice of the larger Athabasca Pano from last June highlighting the two climbers on Mount Athabasca.


This post is mainly a test for some new IFTTT settings.


Contact me directly to order any prints.







Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Testing IFTTT recipe to feed 500px.



Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

My first ever legitimate bird photo.

I’ll post more from todays excursion to nowhere far….WSU Vancouver.

Ski Bikers Hoodoo Grand Prix

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Just got that group shot from the Hoodoo Grand Prix put up on another site. If you’re into ski biking, go check it out:


A Mastermind behind Cascade Gravity Labs.


That shoot was an excellent day out. Despite the velcro quality of snow at the base of Hoodoo. I poached a few good lines around shooting the race that day. I do admit it was one of the worst weather days I’ve gone out to capture shots. Aside from some raining days in the Columbia River Gorge this one is high on the list of weather conditions that tested my gear. The snow that was falling was no where near dry and cold….it was just barely cold enough to be considered snow. I may as well have been shooting half the day standing in the mist at the bridge below Wakeena Falls. Holding my lens towards the ground and shielding most of the camera from the elements with my jacket in between race heats was necessary. I kept my lens cloth handy to wipe water off most the camera before tucking it back under my jacket.


It was kind of funny though, I did a run prior to the race to get a feel for the course, but the course wasn’t entirely set. I had 5 or 6 spots in mind for shooting the race. The second spot at the rollers worked out well as seen in the photo above. The first spot was kind of good for two shots and that was it as seen below.


Race starting area





Then, my whole idea changed as I worked my way down the course every 2-3 heats for a good variety.


This shot just kind of appeared as I was watching for riders at the rollers. It was a bit difficult to hear the starting gates at this spot. So a good view was necessary. The view of the course became a photo


At the next location I realized I definitely had no view of the riders and certainly couldn’t hear anything from the start. So I looked around and found a knoll with view.


Looking up the course from my knoll during a calm moment in weather.


At first I was going to be at the knoll along the left of the image between the red and blue gates…but at that spot I wouldn’t be able to know when the riders would be approaching.


The view down from the knoll


Then I moved down and to the right of this image and got a lot of good shots.


One of the many panning style shots. This spot was good also for the view of the course and the guy across the way controlling ski traffic on the cross path of the race course. So, I knew exactly when each heat started down the course.


I moved a few more feet down hill and got a few more good shots.


Cascade Gravity Labs rider. Tony…overall second place winner.


After a few more shots here as with the previous locations except the rollers and the first one. I didn’t really know how I was going to shoot the next section of the course. But I found a cool spot where I had a good view of the drop in over the top of some vegetation and rocks in the image foreground. The shots from this spot work well seen below.


Airs on ski bikes are a big deal….it’s not easy to land. The rider can easily flip over their bars. Both these riders successfully aired this and landed it.


Then, not knowing what was going on, I left this spot a few minutes too early. I got a photo at the finish line instead of another series from this spot.


A slow finish due to the velcro snow.


Cascade Gravity Labs and some.


Thanks to Cascade Gravity Labs for having me come out for this unique event.