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Whoa, 4 months without a post.

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

That time flew by for sure, from the new house and family fun.  The new house has certainly taken most of my time away for the last few months.


I’ve been busy with the Reach and Treat training as well.  Here’s a look at the most recent one, I was part of the training on the first day and the second day I went back out to get some video clips:




I’ve also added an new gallery for the images I get while on Reach and Treat training days around Mount Hood and it’s rivers.  You can find the new gallery on the sidebar under sports and also click here .  Some of the photos in the new Rescue gallery are from the start of my Reach and Treat training nearly 2 years ago and some are as recent as last week’s Swift water training near the Carter Bridge on the Clackamas River.




Just a little update….

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Been a bit busy the last few months on my other Professional front.

I’ve been working my way through American Medical Response’s Reach and Treat Academy (RAT). Along the way I’ve been carrying my camera.

The first session was class room. So, yeah no pictures. The second however, was Low Elevation Mountaineering on Mount Hood.










The next session was High Elevation Overnight at the Triangle Moraine on Mount Hood.










The most recent session was Land Navigation. This was fun, and just as with most things…even if you’ve been doing something for awhile there’s always things to learn.







Just to give a few extra notes, with the intense media coverage on rescues and some notes out there about costs and such.

As I’ve learned through the recent Clackamas County contract issues and being in the RAT Academy along with being a climber since I was 15.

In a rescue there are a few elements as far as Mount Hood is concerned. Portland Mountain Rescue (PMR), RAT Crew, Military (for Heli), and sometimes Mount Hood Ski Patrol on occasions.

For far as costs go…

PMR is made up of volunteers from the climbing community itself.

The RAT crew, well AMR pays the County as a private company to provide EMS and RAT services to the Clackamas County Community. Cost are paid via actual transport and billed to patient insurance or the patient.

Military, well I pay my taxes. So, the military should be there when needed. It is solid real world application of training for the crews….they aren’t under fire while completing the mission of a Mount Hood Rescue. They’ll be that much better, when they do have to conduct a rescue in a battle field.

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