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Whoa, 4 months without a post.

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

That time flew by for sure, from the new house and family fun.  The new house has certainly taken most of my time away for the last few months.


I’ve been busy with the Reach and Treat training as well.  Here’s a look at the most recent one, I was part of the training on the first day and the second day I went back out to get some video clips:




I’ve also added an new gallery for the images I get while on Reach and Treat training days around Mount Hood and it’s rivers.  You can find the new gallery on the sidebar under sports and also click here .  Some of the photos in the new Rescue gallery are from the start of my Reach and Treat training nearly 2 years ago and some are as recent as last week’s Swift water training near the Carter Bridge on the Clackamas River.