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Version Two of the little ski segment

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015


I put together an additional clip into the previously posted video.  A great day out on the hill with Asit, Ted and Shawn.  It was my first day meeting Shawn and Ted…you can check out the previous post by clicking  here.

The extra clip is a timelapse approach to ski film sequences.  Just wanted to see what it would look like.  I like it, maybe you will too.   I still can’t get over the fact my built in mic actually filtered out the wind for a brief moment to capture that dialogue Ted and Asit were having at Crater Rock.  The Sony A7 is an awesome little power packed camera to take on these kinds of outings…



Fun Day

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Two days ago marks my first time filming any skiing.   That day on Hood in the bright sun made it challenging to near impossible to even see what I was framing half the time…since I couldn’t see my LCD screen with my goggles on and I could barely see the shot through the electronic viewfinder of A7 without my goggles on.  It made for a situation where I wasn’t entirely sure about the shots I scored until I got back home.  The video clips ended up being better than I thought they would as well, above is my debut Alpine Ski film edit.  No tripod was used , so it has that home video natural effect lol.



The interesting thing about it was that I was skiing with Asit Rathod again, the last time I got out to ski with him marked my first day photographing skiing which resulted in another cool set of images which included this shot. It’s always good getting out with good people on great days, but if your feet are cold or hurt…you won’t get far.   I certainly have been enjoying my Intuition Liners inside my Black Diamond Slant ski boots….