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Loveland Pass

Friday, February 11th, 2011

105 sec f/2.8 15mm ISO 400

I went up to Loveland Pass in the hopes of going for a stroll up to the top of Snikatu last night. However, the steady 70+ mph winds thwarted my attempt. It was difficult to just stand in that intensity. So, I went downslope on the southside and snagged the above photo in a steady 30 mph wind. The cold made my trigger release stiffen up.

Quandary Peak Ski

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Jason breaking treeline

Ascending the first incline

Entering the cloud bank

Ascending the second incline....

Jason emerging from the whiteout

Breaking through the clouds

The clouds below

The summit headwall

I turned around at the location of the last image, since I didn’t feel like skiing more rocks. I already crossed four sections along the ridge. Despite this I got two core shots in my skis on the descent. However, there were three amazing minor headwalls and a great ridge run going down!