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Fun Day

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Two days ago marks my first time filming any skiing.   That day on Hood in the bright sun made it challenging to near impossible to even see what I was framing half the time…since I couldn’t see my LCD screen with my goggles on and I could barely see the shot through the electronic viewfinder of A7 without my goggles on.  It made for a situation where I wasn’t entirely sure about the shots I scored until I got back home.  The video clips ended up being better than I thought they would as well, above is my debut Alpine Ski film edit.  No tripod was used , so it has that home video natural effect lol.



The interesting thing about it was that I was skiing with Asit Rathod again, the last time I got out to ski with him marked my first day photographing skiing which resulted in another cool set of images which included this shot. It’s always good getting out with good people on great days, but if your feet are cold or hurt…you won’t get far.   I certainly have been enjoying my Intuition Liners inside my Black Diamond Slant ski boots….

Mount Hood

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Went up on the Southside…thought about the Northside, but the trailhead was a bit thin and I didn’t felling like carrying my skis at the start.  I’m a bit tired, as I haven’t had a good nap since yesterday.  So no captions other than stating that I was pushing my camera with higher ISOs than I have in the past.  Some may be a bit noisy.


Mount Hood

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010


On March 19, 2010 Tom Hanlon and I went for a little adventure around the Eastside of Mount Hood.  I took the above image from our bivy on the Southside at the start of our journey.  The next day we woke up at 0300 and got moving by 0430 to circumnavigate around to the Black Spider area above the Mount Hood Meadows ski area on the Northeast corner of the mountain.  We went up towards the base of the Steel Cliffs seen in the photo below at the right edge of the image.


Then we wrapped around and up onto the ridge line that continues out of frame to the right in the above image.  From there we continued on a generally level contour to the Black Spider area of Mount Hood’s East face as seen in the image below.


The day I took this image of the Black Spider the ice line above the snow bowl just left of center was unclimbed.  The following day two climbers tagged this wonderful line and named it Fric Amos.  Tom and I continued around to the Cooper Spur and finished with a climb to the top at 1209 on 3/19/2010.

For the trip report on Cascade for the journey Tom and I took click here.