The previous few weeks…Colorado

Somewhere in the Never Summer Range

Near Thunder Pass

Looking back at Thunder Pass on the second trip.

Approaching Thunder Pass

Self portrait at Thunder Pass

The random knoll I thought connected to Static Peak.

Self Portrait on random point between Thunder Pass and Static Peak

Static Peak and Norku Crags

The day's benefit of not going much further than Thunder Pass on the first trip

Second trip: Richthofen from Static's summit ridge

This was about as far as I went.  The next week I went to the Tetons.


Teewinot from the Apex

The first snow field and my turn around.

Well, so to get to this spot on at the time I was trying…I had worked a 12 hour shift in Boulder from 0700 to 1900 hrs, drove through the night to the trailhead.  I arrived at the trailhead by 0800 hrs, I then walked back and forth in the parking lot to find the Apex Trail.  Then grunted up to the snowfield.  There, I realized I may be too tired to safely down climb from the summit.  Next time…I try it on more sleep.

The next two weeks worth of weekends I spent in the Ten Mile Range.  The first traverse ended up being an extremely long day…mainly because I was working out the route finding.  However, my friend Katie was game to give it a whirl.

The terrain

Looking towards Peak 4

Self Portrait on Peak 3

North Ridge of Peak 4, the best climbing of the traverse

Peak 3 and 2 from 4

The grind South of Peak 4, this trip we dropped to Breck from Peak 6

Storms start to the South as night falls and we still have a long walk.

The next week I went back solo and did the first 5 peaks.  This time I dropped down to Cooper Mountain Resort for the bus back to Frisco where I enjoyed David’s Food Hedz Cafe.  If you’re ever in Frisco hit his spot for great food.  But here’s some shots from the last trip.

The trail down from Peak 5 to Cooper Mountain

Frisco to Cooper Mountain 10.7 miles with over 5500 feet of climbing and a bit over 1800 of loss  total time was 7.5 hrs.  Might be able to do it faster with out the self portraits….

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