The Sunpak is working

The old reliable Sunpak 522 from my Grandpa’s day on it’s bracket with the optical slave SYK-4 from Cowboy Studio and Sunpak to PC cable from Adorama.


Apparently the SYK-4 has a memory too.  I didn’t have the cord on all the way initially, fired a few shots and noticed no flash from the Sunpak.  Secured the cable properly and it fired off a round of flashes.


From across the room, trigger is my 580EX on camera and bounced off the ceiling at 1/8. 50mm lens


I should add I did now editing of any images, this all just what I got with the light.


Below, two shots.  First, too much power.  Second, just about right.  My first shots with two flashes since Thanksgiving and using Erik aka EJK Photography’s extra flash.


Too bright


Better light…again, I’ll say this is only the light…no image editing aside from compression, RAW to JPG.



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